Lighting Upgrade Sales Tools

Lighting Upgrade Sales Tools

ecoInsight is a Sales Platform for Lighting and Electrical Professionals Who Sell Energy Upgrades & Retrofits

This financial year, our users will close over $1.5 billion in new business using the ecoInsight Solution. ecoInsight has become the industry standard for the most successful sales professionals in the lighting and electrical industries. Thousands of contractors, distributors and manufacturers have improved their close rates by using ecoInsight.

ecoInsight helps you measure, manage and improve sales performance. Whether you are a team of one or one thousand, you can now deliver customized, ROI-driven proposals that effectively communicate the value of your solution to your customer. ecoInsight users report efficiency gains of 40% or more in auditing, analyzing and proposing energy upgrades. Even better, many of our users report improvements in closing new business, typically with an additional 10% in closed sales.

Combining the Flexibility and Mobility of an iPad or iPhone with the Power and Performance of a Cloud based solution, ecoInsight Makes your Team More Competitive.

Establish Project Teams and Set Financial Objectives

Large lighting audit … no problem! ecoInsight Premium supports project teams and allows you to deploy multiple lighting auditors on the same building.

With a click of the button, you are able to seamlessly integrate the lighting audit data from multiple auditors into a single building in the cloud.

Effortlessly Collect Building Data on Your Mobile Device.

Use your iPad or iPhone to gather and organize your lighting audit information in a quick, yet structured way. Integrate multi-media and onsite recommendations prior to uploading to the cloud.

Specify Upgrade Products with Ease.

ecoInsight is cloud based and supports project teams allowing you to collaborate with your colleagues to gain faster turnaround times on client requests and proposals.

Build Multi-phase Plans For Your Customers.

ecoInsight’s planning module allows you to schedule your customer’s project in multiple phases to accommodate their budget and schedule. See the impact on cash flows and project ROI as you change each phase of the plan.

Create Winning Proposals with a Few Clicks

Polish, ROI-driven proposals include charts and graphs that help convey the value of your project. Bids created in ecoInsight highlight your knowledge and professionalism, powerfully differentiating you from the competition.