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Dori Capital & ecoInsight have teamed up to offer you an extra edge

Dori Capital's flexible lease terms, quick application processes and easy monthly payment programs can help you boost your customers' purchasing power. Equipment leasing involves no hidden costs, no rate readjustments or blanket liens, making it a lot more convenient for small and mid-sized businesses looking to upgrade to energy efficient lighting systems.

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Dori Capital

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Flexible Equipment Leasing Programs

Try Dori Capital's convenient 3, 5 or 7 year lease programs with easy monthly payment plans to help customers avoid massive upfront investments. Lease terms are flexible and can be defined to meet tax situations, cash flows and equipment needs.


Propose Solutions & Budgets That Work

Easily find, select and apply the ideal financial solution within minutes and add it to your proposal directly from ecoInsight's proposal generation tool. Help your customers find easy ways to bypass financial bottlenecks and grow their businesses.


Get Fast Approvals & Convenient Terms

Get quick and easy credit clearance. All we require is a one-page application and a UCC1 filing on the equipment for any request up to $100,000 - not a blanket filing unlike a bank loan. Quotes are immediate and approvals only take up to 72 hours.

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