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 Log In

  • I have a Mac. Why am I unable to log in to ecoInsight?
    When using a Mac, you must use Safari as your browser to log in to ecoInsight.

  • Why does Google Chrome keep asking me to download and install Silverlight when I try to log into ecoInsight? I keep seeing the following message
    If you updated Google Chrome to Chrome 42 recently, you may have trouble logging into ecoInsight. As you may be aware, Google Chrome is moving away from supporting plug-ins that use Java and Silverlight. Google's latest 15th April release blocks all Java, Silverlight and other plugins for Chrome by default. ecoInsight users may see the following message when they attempt to log on to ecoInsight after updating Google Chrome.

    ecoInsight is developing a new release that will fully support the Chrome browser again in the future. However, this release will not be available until the first half of 2016. Consequently, ecoInsight is recommending to all of its Chrome users that they switch to IE for the purposes of accessing ecoInsight.

    In the event that you would like to continue using ecoInsight with Chrome, it is possible by taking the following steps.

    1. Open your Chrome browser

    2. Type chrome://flags in the browser's address bar and hit enter. You should see the screen set forth below.

    3. Click on the enable NPAPI link as highlighted in RED on the screen below.

    4. After clicking on this link, close and reopen your browser.

 iPad Audit

  • Why don't I see the buildings I created on the website on the iPad?
    Currently you can only move information from the iPad to the website.  Items created via the web based application will not be available on the iPad.

  • Do you have applications for devices other than the iPad?
    Our dedicated mobile application currently runs only on Apple's iPad and iPhone. However, our cloud application is compatible with Surface Pro 3 tablets running Windows 8.1. All you have to do is download Silverlight and the ecoInsight application and install as admin.

  • I entered an Area/Space and added my luminaire types; after creating a new area all my previous audit data disappeared. I have tried this several times but have had the same results - my data is being deleted. Why does the system not keep my data?
    Your data is not being deleted. You will notice that you can change your Area back to the original by using the drop-down arrow in the Area Field. Once you change it back, your original data entered will show up. The system is only showing you the data for the Area/Space name showing in the fields.

  • I've purchased Lumu light meter from and downloaded their app. How do I sync or use it with ecoInsight? I keep getting a message that says Light Meter is not connected.
    Make sure your Microphone is activated under "Settings" for the ecoInsight app.

    To activate your mic, go to Settings -> Privacy -> Microphone, locate the ecoInsight application to make sure the switch is in the green state instead of gray for the microphone.

 Online Audit

  • I have completed my Audit, but where do I enter my replacement items?
    From the "My Buildings" link on the top toolbar, select "Open" on the building you wish to work on. This will open the building details. Now select "Efficiency Measures" on the top toolbar to start creating your Efficiency Measures (upgrade replacements).

  • Why don’t I have an "Add to Building" button to add in my Area/Space and Luminaire?
    Your browser’s zoom setting or view is set too high. Change your browser to 100% to be able to see the "Add to Building" button.

  • How do I change the lighting schedules that I’ve added for my luminaire types? Each time I try, I change the schedule for every line item.
    In the Detailed View, select the Area, then the Space in which you want to change the lighting schedule. Using the grid on the right side, double click on the schedule name you would like to change. Here you can either select a new schedule from the drop-down list or create a new schedule.

  • What is the best way to include new construction items in a project? For example - I have a project where 3 or 4 new products will replace older technology but we also need to add lighting in areas where none existed earlier. How do we add those new products into our total analysis?
    During your Audit, create a luminaire type with 0 input wattage as a place holder for the new lighting you wish to add. You can use this luminaire type when creating your replacement options and filing for rebates.

 My Buildings

  • When I transfer a Building to a different user will the Efficiency Measures also transfer?
    Yes, Efficiency Measure previously created transfer with the building.

 User Settings

  • How do I change my password?
    Click "Settings" (next to your name) in the upper right hand corner anywhere in ecoInsight. Click on "Users Settings". Click the "Change Password" to change your password.

  • I forgot my password, how do I change it?
    Go to and click on "Forgot Password" link.  ecoInsight will email a temporary password to the email address on file.  Once you login, you will be prompted to change your password.

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  • Why can’t I see the Libraries and Catalogs on the Main Page?
    Only the administrator can view the Libraries and/or Catalogs.


  • I had added new products to our Company catalogue, I can see them in our catalogue but when I try to select them in my proposal they are not there. I am the administrator on the account and there is no request for me to add these lights.
    You made the most common mistake – when you created your product folder you just left it as the default product type of "Additional Items". You need to select the proper product type – ie: fixture, lamp, ballast. To correct this issue: you will have to remove the item and product folder from your catalog; create a new product catalog making sure this time when you do you select the correct product type to the product you wish to add and use (ie: lamp, ballast, fixture, sensor).


  • How do I upload my company logo?
    Only administrators of the account have the ability to upload your company logo.  Using the Administrator link on the top right of the screen.  Select “Proposal Administration” tab to upload your company logo and add in your proposal Disclaimer.

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Please click on the questions to view answers

 Efficiency Measures

  • I have selected the building I'm working on and clicked on "Efficiency Measures" but why do I not see any of the audit data I've just entered?

    You must first create an Efficiency Measure (proposed replacement) by selecting "Add". You will then receive a list of options, "Advanced Lighting Upgrade", "Component Upgrade", "Install Local Controls" or "Luminaire Replacement". Once you have selected one of these options you will be able to see your audit data to allow you to make your selection.

    Note: Our new "Advanced Lighting Upgrade" allows you to complete either a "Component Upgrade" (lamp/ballast replacement) or a "Luminaire Replacement" (full fixture replacement).

  • How do I change the Kwh rate?
    From “My Buildings” open the building you wish to work on, then select either “Efficiency Measures” or “Project” on the top toolbar. Now select “Financial Case” link located middle right of either page. After new pop-up has opened select the “Electricity” tab at the top to change your Kwh rate.

  • How do I change the proposed quantity in an Efficiency Measure?
    While creating your Efficiency Measure use either the “Detailed Tree” or “Detailed Grid” view to change the proposed quantities.

  • How do I sort luminaires in the scope step of Efficiency Measures?
    When creating an Efficiency Measure, under the scope step, you can select the how you would like to sort and view existing Luminaries.  For example, under the scope step, uncheck "Show luminaires with EMs"  then click "Filter".  Filtering this way displays luminaires that do not have any Efficiency Measures associated with those items.

  • What is a Discount Rate?  What does it mean in Financial Case?
    The discount rate is the interest rate used in determining the present values of future cash flows. The discount rate is used by ecoInsight to calculate the Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Net Present Value (NPV) and Payback Periods.  Your customer/prospect may tell you the Discount Rate you should use.  If not, the default rate in ecoInsight is a good place to start.

  • Why don't I see any ballast choices when I am creating Lamp/Ballast upgrade Efficiency Measure?
    ecoInsight utilizes the industry "standard" for fluorescent lamps i.e. F32T8 vs. a specific manufacturer designation such as FO32T8.  If the Lamp Type is set to FO32T8, no ballasts will be shown.  For HID Lamps, ecoInsight utilizes the ANSI designation for Lamp Type i.e. S55 or M100.  The lamp type must be set in this fashion to view available ballasts.

  • I have completed my audit, but I cannot find where to enter my replacement items.
    Open your building then select the “Efficiency Measure” tab on the top to start creating your replacement items.

  • When I try to create an Efficiency Measure, why doesn’t my luminaire count match what I entered in the audit?
    You may have entered a Space count, which would multiply your luminaire count by the number of spaces you entered. To correct this go to back into your Audit -> Lighting –> Basic View –> then click on the Space name that has the incorrect luminaire count. Change the count to 1 for the number of spaces. This will correct your luminaire count.

  • Why isn’t your software calculating the margin correctly?
    It’s possible you are looking for "mark-up" rather than "margin". ecoInsight allows you to add in a margin percentage to your items. The formula is:

    price = cost [1-(margin/100)]

    For more information on mark-up versus margin, please reference the following blog post.

  • When I try to create an Efficiency Measure, why doesn’t my luminaire count match what I entered in the audit?
    You may have entered a Space count, which would multiply your luminaire count by the number of spaces you entered. To correct this go to back into your Audit -> Lighting –> Basic View –> then click on the Space name that has the incorrect luminaire count. Change the count to 1 for the number of spaces. This will correct your luminaire count.

  • How do I upload a picture? When populating the luminaire schedule there is an "image" tab but when I try to click on it nothing happens.
    You cannot add/upload a picture using the online cloud application. To add a picture or audio recording you must perform the audit using your IPad or IPhone and our ecoInsight mobile audit tool.

  • When I apply an Efficiency Measure for a Luminaire Replacement, the system is asking me to Select Luminaires, input a Fixture and then the lamp. When I input a fixture of for example T5 4x4 lamps with 2 ballast of a total wattage input of 227W. Then, I input the Fluorescent Lamps of 54W each (4 lamps total). What is the total wattage that the system is going to calculate? 227 right?
    When creating a Luminaire Replacement Efficiency Measure, the system will take the input wattage from the Fixture, in your case 227 for calculating.

  • What happens on the Component Upgrade? The system ask you the Lamp First and then the ballast. For example, in a 575W MH lamp with a 610W electronic ballast. For the ballast, should I put the wattage 610, right?
    Component upgrades - system takes the "Ballast" input wattage for calculations unless there is no ballast it will then take the lamps input wattage.

  • When we go into the Efficiency Measures, is there any way to let us know which fixtures have already been used - Component Upgrade or Luminaire Replacement? Our company keeps getting the error message when trying to configure the report that the EM has already been used. Can we either have it turn red or disappear once it’s been used?
    Yes, you can use the filter to show luminaries without Efficiency Measures. Create your efficiency measure name, then using the filters on the left, selecting the last filter list "Luminaire Filter". Uncheck "show all", then check show luminaries without EM’s, this will eliminate all the luminaries you have already created an efficiency measure for.

  • I created a place holder luminaire with 0 input wattage for new lighting in a project where we needed to add new lighting in areas where none existed earlier as your Online Audit FAQs recommended. Now how do we add the rebate dollars these new products will be rewarded into our total analysis?
    Easy - just use the place holder luminaire type you created during the audit when you order your replacement options.


  • How do I create a proposal that contains all of the Efficiency Measures I have created?  When I generate a proposal, I only see the data for one Efficiency Measure?
    To combine more than one Efficiency Measure you have created, you need to create a Project.  Click the Projects tab located in the top middle of the screen.  Click "Add" to start a new Project.  Once you have created a new project, you are able to quickly add and remove previously created Efficiency Measures to achieve your customers desired results in terms of financial or energy savings.

  • Where do we base our Greenhouse gases data from?
    The formula itself is the standard basis for GHG calculations that is used internationally.

    [kWh] * [emissions per kWh] = total emissions

    Typically, emissions can be in terms of the gas itself OR in CO2 equivalents (what is the equivalent amount of CO2 to get the same net effect, aka CO2 e or eq CO2). We tend to use these numbers as opposed to the actual gas numbers. These numbers take into account something called the Global Warming Potential (GWP). A nice summary can be found at the website on the right side under "Properties of Methane" click on Global Warming Potential(100-year).

    State annual CO2 non-baseload output emission rate (lb/MWh) State annual CH4 non-baseload output emission rate (lb/GWh) State annual N2O non-baseload output emission rate (lb/GWh) State annual non-baseload CO2 output emission rate (lb/KWh State annual non-baseload CO2 Equivalent CH4 output emission rate (lb/KWh) State annual non-baseload CO2 Equivalent N2O output emission rate (lb/KWh) State annual non-baseload equivalent CO2 Multiplier (lb/KWh)
    2,007.30 24.66 30.98 2.0073041 0.000517793 0.009603893 2.017425786
    We standardized our US state numbers using the eGrid 2010 values exclusively beyond that, we we use either the US or international averages.

  • Why do the reports show $$ for tax rate all the time even when I have "unchecked" this option on the Efficiency Measure and Project?

    On Efficiency Measures:

    Taxable check-boxes are included on the existing and proposed maintenance under "Maintenance Costs" so that we know whether or not to add taxes to the values being used in maintenance. This allows a user to still apply taxes to products they have selected in the catalog for purchase, but not deal with taxes for maintenance.

    On Projects:

    Taxable check boxes are placed at the individual project-level products and services to allow you to include specific line items. Since we don’t know if the line items require tax (or, in some cases, represent the tax!), we allow a user to choose. To completely disable taxes in an EM or Project, the user must set the product tax rate and services tax rate in financial assumptions to 0%. That is the default for pre-existing financial assumptions (since we did not have tax support). When set to 0%, no taxes are applied anywhere. Tax is disabled.


  • I have created a project, selected my Efficiency Measures but my proposal only shows the name of the building and nothing else?
    To include the information you would like to present, select the “Configure Proposal” tab located on the right of the Generate Proposal dialog box.  You can now select the information you would like appear on the proposal. This is a very fast and efficient way to generate proposals for various audiences at your prospect.  For example, you can rapidly create a proposal with the just the cost benefits for the CFO and another with a detailed bill of materials for the facilities manager.

  • I have uploaded my logo, but it still does not show on my proposal?
    Click on the "User Information" tab in the Generate Proposal dialog box. Select "YES" next to the Add Company Logo radio button and your logo will print on your proposal.

  • Why are the cash flow graphs are showing a slightly different result than the 10 year graphs?
    Cash Flow graph takes into account uneven cash flows that are due to Maintenance savings, escalating energy costs and delays in time of receiving incentives and rebates for each year. This is more accurate as this takes into account actual cash flows.

    Cost of Waiting graph includes energy saving and maintenance savings applied as an average over the analysis period, thus at times this doesn’t depict actual payback but shows an average cost of waiting.

  • What is the "Savings from Lighting" and "Total Savings" showing on the HVAC Savings Analysis Report?
    "Savings from Lighting"is the kWh savings from lighting over the analysis period. We have annual kWh reduction in Annual Energy Usage Reduction report. If you multiply that value by the analysis period - you get the savings from lighting (approximating the figure to the nearest decimal point makes a negligible difference that increases the readability of the values).

    "Total savings" is the sum of all total savings from lighting, cooling load and heating load.

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ecoInsight Support is available Monday through Friday, 8am - 8pm Eastern time. If you should need assistance outside that timeframe, please review the FAQs Section as an additional resource.

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