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iPad Audit
  • Why don't I see the buildings I created on the website on the iPad?
    Currently you can only move information from the iPad to the website.  Items created via the web based application will not be available on the iPad.
  • Do you have applications for devices other than the iPad?
    Not at this time. We currently only have applications for Apples iPad.
Online Audit
  • I have completed my Audit, but I cannot find where to input my replacement items?
    Click on the ecoInsight logo/My Buildings link in the top left of your screen. This will bring you back to your My Buildings Page.  Select the building you are working on and click “Proposals”.   This will take you to the efficiency measures section of ecoInsight.

My Buildings
  • When I transfer a Building to a different user will the Efficiency Measures also transfer?
    Yes, Efficiency Measure previously created transfer with the building.
Efficiency Measures
  • I have selected the building I'm working on and clicked on "Proposals" but I do not see any of the audit data I've entered?
    You must first create an upgrade or an Efficiency Measure. Select "add" and you can now create a  “component upgrade”, “install local controls” or “luminaire replacement”.  Selecting one of these will show you the available audit data.

  • How do I change the Kwh rate?
    From “My Buildings” select the “Proposal” link on the building you are working.  Next select the “Financial Case” tab located on the top of the page.  Highlight “default financial case”, select “edit” to change the Kwh rate.

  • How do I change the proposed quantity in an efficiency measure?
    While creating your efficiency measure use either the “Detailed Tree” or “Detailed Grid” view to change the proposed quantities.

  • How do I sort luminaires in the scope step of efficiency measures?
    When creating an Efficiency Measure, under the scope step, you can select the how you would like to sort and view existing Luminaries.  For example, under the scope step, uncheck "Show luminaires with EM's"  then click "Filter".  Filtering this way displays luminaires that do not have any efficiency measures associated with those items.

  • What is a Discount Rate?  What does it mean in Financial Case?
    The discount rate is the interest rate used in determining the present values of future cash flows. The discount rate is used by ecoInsight to calculate the Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Net Present Value (NPV) and Payback Periods.  Your customer/prospect may tell you the Discount Rate you should use.  If not, the default rate in ecoInsight is a good place to start.
  • Why don't I see any ballast choices when I am creating Lamp/Ballast upgrade Efficiency Measure?
    ecoInsight utilizes the industry "standard" for fluorescent lamps i.e. F32T8 vs. a specific manufactuer designation such as FO32T8.  If the Lamp Type is set to FO32T8, no ballasts will be shown.  For HID Lamps, ecoInsight utilizes the ANSI designation for Lamp Type i.e. S55 or M100.  The lamp type must be set in this fashion to view available ballasts.
  • How do I create a proposal that contains all of the Efficiency Measures I have created?  When I generate a proposal, I only see the data for one Efficiency Measure?
    To combine more than one Efficiency Measure you have created, you need to create a Project.  Click the Projects tab located in the top middle of the screen.  Click "Add" to start a new Project.  Once you have created a new project, you are able to quickly add and remove previously created Efficiency Measures to achieve your customers desired results in terms of financial or energy savings.

  • I have created a project, selected my Efficiency Measures but my proposal only shows the name of the building and nothing else?
    To include the information you would like to present, select the “Configure Proposal” tab located on the right of the Generate Proposal dialog box.  You can now select the information you would like appear on the proposal. This is a very fast and efficent way to generate proposals for various audiences at your prospect.  For example, you can rapidly create a proposal with the just the cost benefits for the CFO and another with a detailed bill of materials for the facilities manager.

  • I have uploaded my logo, but it still does not show on my proposal?
    Click on the "User Information" tab in the Generate Proposal dialog box. Select "YES" next to the Add Company Logo radio button and your logo will print on your proposal.

User Settings
  • How do I change my password?
    Click "Settings" (next to your name) in the upper right hand corner anywhere in ecoInsight. Click on "Users Settings". Click the "Change Password" to change your password.

  • I forgot my password, how do I change it?
    Go to and click on "Forgot Password" link.  ecoInsight will email a temporary password to the email address on file.  Once you login, you will be prompted to change your password.

  • Why can’t I see the Libraries and Catalogs on the Main Page?
    Only the administrator can view the Libraries and/or Catalogs.
  • Why can’t I see the Libraries and Catalogs on the Main Page?
    Only the administrator can view the Libraries and/or Catalogs.
  • How do I upload my company logo?
    Only administrators of the account have the ability to upload your company logo.  Using the Administrator link on the top right of the screen.  Select “Proposal Administration” tab to upload your company logo and add in your proposal Disclaimer.

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