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Get in tune with your customers through the world’s fastest growing energy upgrade sales platform.


Reach your ideal, highly engaged demographic at the time they are planning and specifying building projects. When ecoInsight users see your ads, it helps them envision how your products can be used in their energy upgrade projects. Banner ads can help promote your latest product introductions, better educate your target market and build your reputation in the industry.

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Are your products being specified within ecoInsight? Our users specify millions of dollars of lighting products each day. The only question is whose lighting products are they specifying? Contact us to learn more about whether or not your benefiting from ecoInsight. We will send you a free analysis on how often your products are specified. And, we are happy to advise you on the best way to engage our users.

Here are 3 facts to consider:

Thousands of contractors, distributors and ESCOs use ecoInsight to specify energy upgrade products every day.
Over the last year, more than $1.5 Billion in building proposals were generated using ecoInsight software.
ecoInsight’s advanced sales tools better highlight the cost benefits of LEDs, resulting in that product type being specified over 50% of the time.
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